In spring 2017 the International Social Housing Festival carried out  research project, ‘Amsterdam Arrivals’. Three teams of urbanists, architects and sociologists researched the ‘arrival space’ of the city of Amsterdam. ‘Arrival space’ is the first accessible accommodation for newcomers to the city. Newcomers are refugees, students, domestic migrats: anyone moving to Amsterdam and needs to find a first place. The results of the project were presented at the ISHF Opening Event, at a research presentation on Sunday 18 June and displayed in a small exhibition in Het Schip Museum.  Please enjoy three animations/movies for a glimps of the work that has been carried out.

Bijlmerbajes Blinds

‘Blinds’ by studio LA, with Robert Glas

A new arrival lobby

‘Arrival Lobby’ by Fabric. and Bureau LADA with Rene Boer (Failed Architecture)

Mind the Gap

‘Mind the Gap’ by MUST Urbanism


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