Amsterdam is a city facing numerous challenges from many directions: the dizzying pace of property price increases and the hordes of tourists whose numbers only increase every year are two such challenges that are high on the agenda and ever-present in the discourse. They lead to the question of whether the open, undivided city is under threat.

Through that wonderful enabler of global connectivity, Skype, we will involve different tenants organisations across Europe in a discussion, and ask them how they deal with the challenge-themes of the festival (migration, segregation and diversity), what their solutions have been, and what they’ve achieved.


We will connect with four activists:

-Edin Osmanbegovic, assiciation of Tenants, Tuzla (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

-Tadeaus Staromestan, chairman of the Organization for the right to housing, Bratislava (Slowakia)

-Steffan Evans, Welsh Tenants Federation, Wales (United Kingdom)

-Antoni Vidal, Director of Social Housing Neighborhood Federation of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain)

Each speaker will address the issue of affordable and accessible housing his/her country. What needs to be improved and how can tenants get involved in this.

The event will be moderated by Michiel Hulshof (Tertium).

Finally, Hania Sobolewska will conclude the meeting with the performance, ‘Eastern European Interior Course’.



Date and time: Friday 16th of June  15.30 to 17:30 hrs.
Location: Museum Het Schip, Spaarndammerbuurt
Fees & entry: Free; registration necessary (below)
Contact: Tessa van Vuuren (t.vanvuuren@huurdersvereniging-amsterdam.nl)