If we want the inhabitants of our cities to get more involved in the co-productive improvement of our cities, we the experts need to reach out to the public to share and discuss our knowledge.

To address this necessity and opportunity, we offer this interactive lecture-discussion, entitled ‘Social housing and segregation?’.

The lecture will combine chronological and comparative approaches. We will together embark on a historical journey through the evolution of European social housing, from the early nineteenth century until nowadays, and its perverse relationship to the segregation of its inhabitants. We will relate this evolution to its mosaic of stakeholders, their ambitions, their tools and their powers. The presentation of the most famous European social housing estates will show their influences upon the architecture and urban planning of those neighborhoods.

The interactive lecture and discussion will address the intersection of segregation with the practices of speculators and unhealthy cities, philanthropists and allotment policies, industrialists and economic competitiveness, politicians and housing legislation, social-democratic municipalities and urban typologies, building companies and housing production, and last but not least ordinary inhabitants and participatory housing production.

The ambition of the workshop is to offer to inhabitants, new employees of housing associations and/or public authorities housing departments an introduction to the complex topic of segregation and social housing. It aims at helping people to sharpen their critical point of view and participate to the elaboration of improvements.


Lecture, followed by interactive lecture and discussion


Sophie Rousseau is a part-time teacher at the Faculty for the Built Environment at TU Eindhoven, with an architecture degree from Paris’ Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville and experience working with the French municipal housing departments (CNFPT) and the French federation of housing associations (AFPOLS).


Date and time: June 13th 2017, 14.00 p.m. – 15.30 p.m.
Location: Spaarndammerbuurt
Fees & entry: Part of ISHF’s opening event (registration below)
Contact: ISHF team, mail@socialhousingfestival.com


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