In a world of increasing complexity, ICT solutions are becoming key instruments to match tenants’ requirements to  the housing corporations’ available stock. During this event two projects from the Netherlands will be presented: The Baseline on Information Security (BIC) for housing associations as well as CORA, the housing associations’ reference architecture model. The BIC is (at this moment) only available in Dutch but the first version of the CORA document is also available in English. This CORA-reference architecture allows housing providers to complete and improve their enterprise and ICT reference architecture. It enables them to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience, and leads to harmonisation, and high level compatibility in the housing sector. Consequently, ICT suppliers will develop reusable solutions and components, which will improve quality, and provide the flexibility and interchangeability the housing providers desire.

This event is part of a triptych of events on ICT and Social Housing. All events take place at Wednesday 14 June in Het Schip, auditorium. All three meetings aim to share experiences and lessons learned amongst all participants, and to collect information on the present status of all topics in the countries represented in the meeting.

More info on the other events:

ICT and social housing: total cost of ownership

ICT and social housing: decision making on outsourcing

The outcome will be a comprehensive overview of topics as well as an indication of the current status in countries from all delegates participating in this meeting. These results will be shared with all parties interested.



NetwIT is an association for professionals at housing corporations responsible for the policy, architecture and standards in their ICT systems and practices. The association offers a platform for cooperation and knowledge exchange; initiating, facilitating and organising various activities.


Date, time: Wednesday 14 June 2017, 13:00 to 15:00 hrs

Location: Museum het Schip, Oostzaanstraat 45, 1013 WG, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Fee: none

Organizer: Henk Korevaar henk.korevaar@gmail.com