Amsterdam’s famously mixed and dynamic population was made possible with its exemplary, progressive housing program, which often integrated groundbreaking and interesting architectural styles. This bus tour will celebrate and exhibit this in an educational, yet adventurous way, with one eye in the past and one eye in the present, taking you on a journey through Amsterdam’s social history through the medium of the places that its people called– and still call–  home. We will look at various historic and modern developments and exhibitions, including on-site visits to interesting sites as well as museums, all led by our dedicated tour guides.

Anybody interested in housing, social history or architecture at any level, from the personal to the academic to the professional, should join!

This will include a visit to Museum Het Schip to show the early beginnings of social housing, including the unsanitary, crumbling slums that preceded it and proved its necessity. We will then embark on our tour from there, going from the center to the edge of Amsterdam, through neighbourhoods with diverse populations, some older, some newer, some in the process of being renewed. We will end up at the Van Eesterenmuseum where one can visit a preserved historic house.

Tours are held both in Dutch and in English.



Museum Het Schip is dedicated to preserving and educating about the architecture and social history of Amsterdam’s built environment, and is based in an iconic, functioning social housing development of the Amsterdam School architectural style.

The Van Eesteren Museum is a treasure trove of information about the cultural-historical legacy of the influential Dutch urban planner Cornelis van Eesteren. Van Eesteren’s work forms a highlight of post-war urban planning and architecture in Amsterdam.  His designs and the special spatial urban outlay can still be seen in Nieuw West (including Slotermeer), Buitenveldert and parts of Amsterdam North.


Dates: 11th – 23th  June 2017, everyday

Time: Starting at 13.15 p.m.  (An additional tour will be held on 19th June at 10:00 am. This tour will end at Wester Unie.)

Location: Starting at Het Schip, the tour goes through Amsterdam

Fees: Regular: €40.00

Language: Dutch and English. If you would like to sign up for a tour in English, please specify this when booking.

Contact organizer: Alice Roegholt (info@hetschip.nl)


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