Ageing in cities is the central theme of this seminar. In the Netherlands the population in the main cities is relatively young, but a growing number of elderly people is ageing in the city. We are also seeing that ‘young’ seniors from outside the city return to live a city life which has much to offer in terms of services, culture and recreation. What backgrounds do the urban elderly come from? Are there specific themes for those living in social housing? How do we deal with social inequality in resources, health and social networks? What can housing corporations do? How can they collaborate with care and welfare organizations and support citizens’ initiatives?

This event is part of a triptych of events on ageing and Social Housing. All events take place at Tuesday 20 June in Rochdale office. The three meetings aim to share experiences and lessons learnt amongst all participants.


Lectures, debate, film, and afternoon optional field visits 15.30-17.30


   Jan Latten, Professor Dep. Human Geography, Planning & International Development Studies, University Amsterdam.

   Sven van Oosten, Urban planner Buro MA.AN Rotterdam

   Hester van Buren CEO Housing corporation Rochdale Amsterdam.



Housing corporation Rochdale and the Aedes-Actiz Knowledgecenter for  Housing and Care


Date, time: Tuesday 20 June, 9:30 to 12:30 hrs

Location: Rochdale Office, Bos en Lommerplein 303, Amsterdam

Language: The seminar will be held in Dutch. If that is a problem, let us know: we can see if it is possible to arrange a translation service.

Fee:  Free, registration compulsory

Target audience: The session is intended for housing corporations, care and welfare organizations, architects, urban planners, and senior citizens’ organizations.

Contact organizer: Yvonne Witter y.witter@aedes.nl