The average age of the Dutch population is rising. It is expected that in 2030 about 25% of the Dutch population will be age 65 or older. Also in Amsterdam the share of elderly is rising: in 2040 about 20% of the population will be age 65 or above. This is equivalent to 184,000 inhabitants compared with 95,000 inhabitants (12%) today. So in the next 24 years, the number of elderly individuals will rise by 90,000.

Citizens are encouraged to stay in their homes and social environment as long as possible. Safety, social connections, accessibility and mobility are essential in preventing isolation and disintegration. The World Health Organization prioritizes this need by supporting the Global Age-Friendly Cities Network. That initiative calls for effective measures and solutions to develop and improve the accessibility of the existing housing stock.

We function as an independent platform, bringing together creative experts in order to develop concrete steps and innovative pilot projects. A current research project under the initiative studies the perception by residents of their living environment in areas (re)structured after early 20th century architect Berlage’s Plan Zuid along the 8 domains of the age-friendly city. The first results will be presented at this event. In addition, statements will be given about the age-friendly city as a concept for municipal management. This event is the second part of a full-day program of events on ageing and social housing. All events take place at Tuesday 20 June in Rochdale office. The aim of all three meetings is to share experience and lessons learnt amongst all participants.


What about Age Friendly Living in Amsterdam ?

Olga van den Berg (psychologist)

Dick van Alphen (urban and regional planner)

Berlage’s Plan Zuid in the Age-friendly City: research of residents’ perceptions

Bert van de Wiel ( architectural engineer/psychologist)

Hein van Dongen (philosopher)

The age-friendly city as a concept for municipal management

Marinus Oostenbrink (architect/urban planner)


The ‘Initietiefgroep Levensbestendig Wonen,’ (literally translated: Lifelong Housing Initiative Group) is a citizens’ initiative to enhance Amsterdam as an age-friendly city. It calls for effective measures and solutions to develop and improve the accessibility of the existing housing stock. The initiative brings together creative individuals to help produce concrete steps to advance influential pilot projects.


Date, time: Tuesday 20 June, 13:00 to 15:00 hrs

Location: Rochdale Office, Bos en Lommerplein 303, Amsterdam

Language: The seminar will be held in Dutch. If this would be a problem, let us know: we could possibly
arrange a translation service.

Fee: Free, registration compulsory

Target audience: The session is intended for housing corporations, care and welfare organisations, architects,
urban planners, and senior citizens’ organisations.

Contact organizer: Jan van Essen

Email: rosencavalier@hotmail.com