As member of Housing Europe, Legacoop Abitanti – the Italian association of co-operative social housing companies, along with Fondazione Housing Sociale – a private non-profit entity which works for the purposes of public and social interest to experiment innovative solutions for social housing in Italy- are pleased to invite you to the Collaborative housing: public, private and cooperative experiences. Talks and workshop at International Social Housing Festival 2017 in Amsterdam.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to engage in a debate about how the collaborative housing can deliver positive social impact to local communities, this event looks at exploring the diversification of services offered besides the dwelling as a response to emerging needs of residents.

Our aim is twofold: first, to raise awareness of existing initiatives, and second, to inspire organizations similar to us to take action together, co-designing new tools to be replicated and disseminated, in order to upgrade skills, to share models and transfer knowledge and practices to each other.

The event will therefore target experts, both practitioners and academics, who work in “umbrella organizations” as well as in specific programs that ease collaborative housing initiatives both in the private and in the public sectors. Amongst these actors are housing providers, architects, investors, advisers and different types of consultants, as well as other stakeholders that play an important role in self-organized projects and initiatives where spaces and activities are shared as a common asset. The event also seeks to involve in the discussion representatives of residents’ groups or initiatives willing to share their experiences and point of view, aware of the subtle boundaries between professional and non-professional practices.


The event will be structured in three sessions: two parallel sessions and a plenary workshop.

Parallel session 1 (13.00 to 14.30 hrs) – Enabling Collaborative Housing: reporting experiences

This session will explore the rise of collaborative platforms and spaces in the housing field. Panelists will represent different organizations and backgrounds (providers, managers, consultants, etc.) and will report and discuss their own experiences and share knowledge, tools and skills. The session will be chaired by Giordana Ferri, Director at Fondazione Housing Sociale. The introduction speech will be given by Darinka Czischke, Assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology and Coordinator of ENHR Collaborative Housing Working Group.

Objective: meet up with organizations similar to each other, dealing with collaborative housing projects all over the EU and ask them to present and share their specific working tools.


  1. What is the state of the art in Collaborative Housing across Europe? What are the approaches and the drivers that are motivating collaborative groups? What are the main challenges? And the obstacles?
  2. What is new in the design and implementation of tools for collaborative communities of dwellers? Which platforms have become successful? Which have not? Are they competing with any other profit platform in terms of scale?
  3. Which innovative tools do different organizations use in the property/facility/community management (e.g. web platforms, tutorials, laboratory samples, etc.)?


Parallel session 2 (13.00 to 14.30 hrs) – Cooperative Collaborative Housing: building up a new perspective

With speakers from established and newer housing cooperatives, this session will discuss the challenges and consequences of growing new functions and activities of cooperatives within the social housing sector and explore possible ways forward. Being powerful potential actors of the sharing economy, cooperatives still maintain their organization based on democratic delegation and mutual support of people and can play a lead role in community welfare policies. The session will be chaired by Rossana Zaccaria, President of Legacoop Abitanti. The introduction speech will be given by a Housing Europe board member.

Objective: create a connection among innovative cooperative experiences, share practices and knowledge to build up a new perspective of the cooperative action in the field of social housing. The session will include a presentation of the results and lessons learned from the “Social Housing Cooperative Manager”— a lab on the construction of a “Cooperative Service Level Agreement shared model”, promoted and organized by Legacoop Abitanti and Fondazione Housing Sociale in February-March 2017.


  1. How can cooperatives be viable housing alternative actors in the 21st century? How can cooperatives best address changing aspirations for living situations, using grassroots urban development? Which are the good examples of collaborative housing within the cooperative sector across Europe? What kind of hybrid systems have been built up through co-design and co-creation by organizations engaging with communities?
  2. How do collaborative/cooperative projects contribute to the perspective of social mix and address the need of specific targets of population (elderly/migrants/young people) through a collaborative approach?
  3. Which innovative tools do different organizations use in the property/facility/community management (e.g. web platforms, tutorials, laboratory samples, etc.)?

Contributions for the panel will be selected by an international call for speakers.

Coffee and pitches (14.30 to 15.30)

We are looking for good practices in designing tools for collaborative housing. During the coffee break, between the parallel sessions and the workshop, you can pitch your tool in 10 minutes. Tell us about your idea, your concept or your already delivered tool for collaborative neighborhoods. We will select the three best initiatives to be pitched with a cup of Italian coffee. Go to the call for pitches

Plenary workshop (15.30 to 17 hrs) – Building up a “Tool for tools” for collaborative housing

This workshop will be focused on co-designing and building an international web platform as a tools bank for collaborative housing in the EU. Panelists from the previous sessions will be asked to brief all participants on topics they previously outlined, taking into consideration the increasing diversity of dwellers’ needs as a framework.


Parallel session 1 (13.00 to 14.30 hrs): Enabling Collaborative Housing: reporting experiences

Registration & Welcome

Chair: Chiara Rizzica Fondazione Housing Sociale, Milan, IT

Giordana Ferri Fondazione Housing Sociale, Milan, IT


Darinka CzischkeTU Delft, Delft, NL

The (re)emergence of Collaborative Housing in Europe

Marije Raap and Arie van Wijngaarden – City of Amsterdam/Project management bureau, Amsterdam, NL

Collective private commissioning – Amsterdam experiences

Bea VarnaiurbaMonde, Paris, FR

Enhancing solidarity, crowd-sourcing data and promoting peer-to-peer learning – Towards a European Platform on collaborative housing!

Chiara GambaranaHousingLab, Milan, IT

Mapping collaborative housing: a tool to identify and spread initiatives

 Paul DoeShepherds Bush Housing, London, UK

Involving the whole organisation in understanding residents needs


Parallel session 2 (13.00 to 14.30 hrs): Cooperative Collaborative Housing: building up a new perspective

Registration & Welcome

Chair: Rossana ZaccariaLegacoop Abitanti, Rome, IT

Michalis GoudisHousing Europe, Brussels, BE


Maria Chiara Cela DAR=CASA Società cooperativa, Milan, IT

ViviVoltri: a cooperative approach to address social and economic mix

 Ulla GregorDAB, Copenhagen, DK

Supporting tenant democracy

Andres Jaadla – Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations, Rakvere, EE

Implementing housing reforms in Estonia: the role of apartment associations’ movement and the Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

Marian van der Waalsvan der Waals/Zeinstra architekten, Amsterdam NL

Getting older together in Amsterdam. Back to the coop?

Raquel López Lucas CONCOVI, Confederación de Cooperativas de Viviendas y Rehabilitación de España, Madrid, ES

European Collaborative Housing Network

Dermot SellarsCo-operative Housing, Dublin, IE

A return to collaborative housing in Ireland

Giuseppe IiritanoCalabria County Council Public Works Department Catanzaro, IT

Social housing and tools for territorial innovation: recent experiences of Calabria County Public Works Department 


Coffee and pitches (14.30 to 15.15)

Networking coffee

Paolo Mazzoleni Ordine degli Architetti – the Association of Architects of Milan, Milan, IT

The new edition of the European architecture prize for Social Housing

Josh CritesSeattle Housing Authority, Seattle, US

Social housing associations working with public school systems in the US


Session 3 – Plenary workshop (15.15 to 17.30 hrs): Building up a “Tool for tools” for collaborative housing

Opening: reports from the previous sessions and instructions for the workshop

Michalis Goudis – Housing Europe, Brussels, BE

Chiara Rizzica – Fondazione Housing Sociale, Milan, IT

Darinka Czischke – TU Delft, Delft, NL


Group discussion

with Luciana Pacucci, Roberta Conditi and Valentina Zaro Fondazione Housing Sociale, Milan, IT

Working groups will focus on co-designing and building an international web platform as a tools bank for collaborative housing in the EU



Darinka Czischke (TU Delft), Giordana Ferri (FHS), Michalis Goudis (HE) and Rossana Zaccaria (LA)




Fondazione Housing Sociale and Legacoop Abitanti



TU Delft – Department of Management in the Built Environment and ENHR Collaborative Housing Working Group


Date, time: Wednesday 14 June, 13:00 to 17:30 hrs

Location: Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174, 1013 Amsterdam.

Spiegelzaal (Room of Mirrors)

Fee: none

Language: English

Event working team: Giordana Ferri (FHS); Chiara Rizzica (FHS); Rossana Zaccaria (LA), Sara Zoni (LA), Maria Chiara Cela (LA); Darinka Czischke (TU Delft); Luciana Pacucci (FHS); Roberta Conditi (FHS); Valentina Zaro (FHS)


Contact organizer: Chiara Rizzica (FHS) chiara.rizzica@fhs.it, Sara Zoni (LA) s.zoni@legacoopabitanti.it


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