Renewal of neighborhoods accompanied by gentrification often leads to exclusion of lower income groups. As the prices on the private market rise and often housing corporations sell their stock, the original tenants can’t afford their leases anymore and need to leave their homes.

Huurdersvereniging Westerpark (the tenant association of Amsterdam’s Westerpark neighbourhood) would like to address the unwelcome effects of gentrification and seeks for practices to prevent the city to become more segregated.

In this workshop the association will show a short, English subtitled documentary ‘De Stad is van ons’ (‘the city is ours’), followed by a debate.


Date and time: June 13th 2017, 14.00 a.m. – 15.30 p.m.
Location: Spaarndammerbuurt
Fees & entry: Part of ISHF’s opening event (registration below)
Contact: Daniel Bosch danbosch@hotmail.com

Registration (full opening event)